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french alphabet for kids


Do you want to teach your kids French? Then ’French alphabet for kids' is a must download if you want to teach them French in a fun and engaging way. Download 'French alphabet for kids' now to give your child the best chance to learn French for life.The app teaches the essentials of French using a very engaging method. It adds fun to education so the kids will always be interested in learning.French alphabet for kids is an educational application designed primarily for children, kids and all who want to learn French alphabets, this application is based on visual and audio , there is pictures for numbers alphabet.Features:* Full French alphabet.* Numbers 1 to 10.* A big collection of animals, shapes, colors, objects and fruits and vegetables.* A learn section and a play section in each category.* A coloring section and a puzzle section in most categories.* All words pronounced in a very clear, friendly and gentle female voice.* You have the ability to keep repeating the words until you or the child get it right.* Each represented word has its spelling also displayed.* Excellent for children and adults alike.* french for kids* learn french free* animals for kids* easy French.* No internet connection is required to use the app.* The application is very light.
Material in this Application:
1. Learn the pronunciation of the alphabet in French .2. Learn the pronunciation of numbers .3. Learn kind of Animals in French4. Learn kind of Fruits in French5. Learn kind of month in French6. Learn to write alphabet in French7. Learn to write of numbers in French8. Learn kind of Days and Months in French
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